Theater On Ice Team

Practices are most Saturday Morning 8:15-8:45AM.

Entertainment/ Theater on Ice Team has competed at various competitions throughout the Midwest, traveling as far as Simsbury, Connecticut; Denver, Colorado; and San Diego California and most recently Hershey, PA.  The team will also perform the SLFSC exhibition and the SLFSC Ice Show.  The team will also be looking to take part in the Badger State Games.

Costs involved: Ice time/Coaching, costume cost, competition entry fee, and travel to competition.  ISI membership or Theatre on Ice team registration fee may also be required.

 If your skater is interested in artistic/theatrical skating but does not wish to skate an a team- skaters can also compete individually, in a duets or trio, or another small group up to 7 people. 

If your interested in getting involved or would like more information please contact:
Alexis Scott